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Eventually, all things will return to the atomic elements and thereby contribute back to the cosmos, I just figure, why wait until then? Instead of constantly taking from the world around me, I believe it and I will be better off when I can actively contribute back to the greater whole. To give while I must take as it were. To co-create the world around me and build up those with whom I co-exist. Giving back is for me a defining principle of both service and sustainable living.

I currently serve my family and students first and foremost but I am also directly considering the following areas of service within Aims CC. It should also be noted that every client I currently work with involves for me an aspect of service where essentially every interaction matters.

a wise owl gives back


Technology Readiness Advisory Committee (TRAC)

I have experienced first-hand IT-related obstacles within my first 4 weeks teaching at Aims. Some of these affected just me but others affected my students as obstacles to learning. Given my background of experience working in web development of several types and many IT-related disciplines including CMS and CRM training. along with user-experience-minded graphic & web design, I believe I could indeed give back and offer contributions to this committee for the greater good of the college at large.

Universal Syllabus Committee (USC?)

I’m not sure there is a committee for this, but I have serious plans to find ways to improve my own living syllabus and hopefully discovering patterns that others can or be implemented into the shared universal syllabus template.

Evaluting Textbooks

I’m always evaluating what I read and what students are required to read. I am finding there may be other textbooks that might present existing material in better ways.

Providing Input for UX Course & MKT Certificate

I have been asked to contribute input for a new UX (User Experience) course and marketing-related certificate being considered within the Multimedia and Graphic Design (MGD) program. I look forward to offering my insights and evaluation for these causes.

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Designed Syllabus Experimentation*

I plan to test and study the qualitative and quantitive results of using a high-level graphically designed syllabus compared with (and supplemental to) the currently used universal template syllabus at Aims CC. I have compelling reasons to believe that a high-level graphically designed syllabus would greatly enhance all aspects of the syllabus effective contract, record, and most importantly as a learning tool. It is painfully obvious to me that a graphic-design instructor should be using a graphic-designed syllabus and to do otherwise is likely a disservice to students.

Learning Gift-Kits Experimentation*

The giving of gifts is a long-standing tradition amongst people of many cultures and tribes. I wonder if there is an equivalent for the classroom where I could create something of value and offer it to students as a gift on day one. My hope is that this would be backed up with cognitive science and tied to the curriculum of the course. I can for example envision a laser cut or 3D printed kit by which there would be an element of intrinsic value but also classroom value to be used for exploring and learning various class concepts in a kinetic modality.

Demystifying Design Principles*

There is a problem in teaching design principles. On one hand, they are foundational to creating predictably successful designs. On the other hand, they are not immutable laws and they are often discussed in differing ways with differing terms across existing literature and resources. I want to conduct further research and evaluation to find a way to make sense of the different ideas about design principles so when I teach them I can address this while still conveying the essential value of said principles, as empirically as is possible.

VR & AR Experimentation

Over the past 5 years, I have watched as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) has slowly but surely gained wider use in both personal consumer and private business sectors. What I have not seen is this happening in the curriculum or classrooms I have taught in. I want to study the ways VR and AR can be deployed within the current curriculum and the classrooms in ways that complement and enhance learning without creating an undue burden on the existing infrastructure or the students themselves.

Virtual Playground

I plan to create a supplemental, experimental website for use by myself, my students, and possibly fellow instructors as a complement to existing resources like D2L and Aim’s .edu websites. I envision this to be another touchpoint and vehicle to deliver and facilitate the learning of course content by way of dynamic and static interaction that at present isn’t possible in existing platforms. This might also serve as a ‘by the people’ promotional vehicle for the program. I am aware that I will have to make this virtual playground with care so as to not create ‘yet another resource’ that might only confuse or overwhelm a student but rather enhances and provides real value within their own learning journey.

Attend Adobe Max ConferenceSA

A conference directly related to graphic design & rich media.


Learning oh so much.

Attain a MastersSA

An endeavor I am considering as it relates to expanding my own knowledge and the depth of knowledge I am offering to students.